Personal Injury

Have you or a loved one been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing?  Are you receiving medical bills that you cannot afford to pay, and the insurance company refuses to honor its policy?  Whether you were injured in a car accident, truck accident, slip-and-fall, or in some other manner, you should consult with an attorney to discuss your case sooner rather than later.  Under Indiana law, if you are injured and someone else is at fault, you must file suit against the responsibility party within 2 years of the date of your injury, or you forever lose your right to do so!  In some instances, for example claims against a government entity, city, town, school corporation or the State of Indiana, the deadline to file suit and/or make a claim is substantially shorter.  Failure to meet these specific deadlines can be fatal to any claims you may have otherwise asserted.  I have over 10 years experience representing injured individuals to fight for the compensation that you deserve.  Do not be intimated or bullied by the insurance company!  Do not lose your right to pursue a claim because you waited too long!  Contact my office today for a free initial consultation regarding your case.

Car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents and other accidents can cause devastating injuries. What happens when you or your loved one’s injuries occurred because someone deliberately did something wrong or they were simply negligent?  The facts are you’re facing:

  • Medical bills you can’t afford to pay
  • Loss of income because you are out of work
  • An insurance company who is refusing to pay your legitimate claim

Chances are you are uncertain where to turn for help; the fact is that a personal injury attorney in Indianapolis can help you determine the best way forward by reviewing your case and helping you decide whether you should file a personal injury lawsuit.

Talk to an Attorney As Soon As Possible

Oftentimes victims of accidents do not realize there are deadlines to file personal injury claims. Unfortunately, this often means they are unable to recover financially after an accident. There are two specific deadlines which you must be aware of if you are injured and considering a personal injury claim which are:

  • Claims against persons or business – in general, you have only two years from the date you suffered an accident to file a personal injury suit.
  • Claims against governments – this includes cities, towns schools or the State of Indiana. By law, you must file these suits within six to nine months or you forfeit your right to do so.

Another important aspect of Indiana personal injury law you should be aware of is “comparative fault”. In effect this means if the party you are suing proves you contributed to your injury and it is found you have a certain percentage of responsibility, your final award would be reduced by that percentage. For example, if you were in an auto accident involving a drunk driver but you were on your phone or otherwise distracted, you may be found 20 percent liable. If you were awarded $200,000 your award would be reduced by 20 percent.

When you need a personal injury attorney in Indianapolis, you can count on me. With more than 10 years’ experience representing victims of accidents, my goal is to fight for the compensation you deserve. You do not have to put up with bullying and intimidation tactics of an insurer who refused to honor their contract. Call my office today at 317-631-6866 for a free initial consultation regarding your case.

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